What I do

I have studied Zoology in college. That’s when my interest in wildlife grew. In university, I pursued higher education on the subject. I also took professional wildlife photography classes. I work freelance, and currently, I’m doing a number of things.


I capture the rare and exciting photographs of the wild animals and sell them to newspapers and magazines. I write articles on wind animals. I usually do it through my website, but I often get special requests from them to do it.

TV Show and documentaries

I host a TV show on wildlife. I have created lots of documentaries of different animals, jungles, and more. Some of the documentaries have been aired on TV and the others I ‘ve them in my YouTube channel.

Work with tour operators

I work with tour operators and give them advice on safaris. I sometimes accompany the tourists to show them around the jungle and tell them about the wildlife.

Work with animal rights organizations

I’m a member of various animal rights organization. I work with them to save the wildlife and create awareness among people about the protection of our wildlife.

I love to be with the wild animals. Every day I’m learning something new about them. The world of the wild animals is amazing. I’ll spend my life learning about them.