Top 5 most endangered animals in the world

There are many wild animals that are becoming endangered due to the climate change and cruel acts of men. These are some of the endangered animals that we must protect.

1. Tiger

A study has indicated that only about 3.000 tigers are left in the jungles. Over the past decade, the number of tigers decreased by 40%. Deforestation and rampant poaching are the main reasons for this decline in numbers of the tigers. People poach tigers for their body parts that are used in Asian medicine. The skin of the tiger is also sold in the market at a high price. As the sea level is rising, the mangrove habitats of tigers are being threatened.

2. Polar Bear

Due to the rise in temperatures in the polar region, the polar bear can soon become extinct. Their habitat is affected by oil and gas development in that area and shipping. Organizations like WWF are working towards protecting these animals.

3. Pacific Walrus

These animals are victims of the climate change. Recently, more than 200 dead walruses were found in Alaska. They use floating ice to rest, give birth and nurse calves. They also use it to protect themselves from the predators. As the Arctic is melting, the Pacific walrus is losing its habitat.

4. Magellanic Penguin

These are endangered animals due to oil spills. Fishes are now being moved by the warming ocean currents, so the birds have to swim farther for their food. Many penguins die this way.

5. Leatherback Turtle

It is the largest marine turtle available. It has lived for more than one hundred million years. Now it’s an endangered species as they are caught by bycatch and killed by fishing fleets accidentally. The rising sea levels and increasing temperatures in the Atlantic beaches also pose a threat to these turtles.

We should take steps to protect these endangered species. We must protect their natural environment and stop the cruel acts on them.

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