Indian Cow Breed

Shree Math has procured 24 rare Indian breed cattle such as Amrithmahal, Baragur, Dangi, Deoni, Gaoloa, Gir, Hallikaru, Hariana, Jawari, Kangayam, Kankrej, Kasaragod, Khilari, Krishna, Malavi, Malenadu Gidda, Nagori, Nimari, Ongole, Rati, Sahiwal, Sindhi, Tharparker, Umblachery, Vechur and rears them in eco friendly goshalas. Amruthadhara goshala at Hosanagara, the largest centre of native cattle in India, attracts people from different parts of the world.

Shree Math also runs goshalas at Kaggalipura in Bangalore, Mysore, Muliya, Bajakudlu in Kerala and at Mumbai.

Research and development on different aspects of cattle breeding, rearing and utilisation of cow products is undertaken.
Distribution of native breed cows to farmers is another measure.

Shree Math manufactures and markets medicinal arka (cow urine) at Hosanagara, Kaggalipura, Mysore, Perla and Muliya.

It manufactures and markets daily use products like soaps, shampoos, dhoopa and tooth powder out of cow products .

It has established Gavya Chikithsa Kendras, and Ayurvedic nature cure centres which provide treatment to ailments like cancer and arthritis.