5 most poisonous snakes in the world

Most people are scared of snakes, and there are good reasons for it. Some of the snakes in the world are too poisonous. Here is a list of them.

Belcher’s Sea Snake

These snakes are very common. You must have seen them in sea or movies. They have unique stripes. It will bite you only if it feels threatened. Not all of these snakes carry venom; only a quarter of them do so. But the ones that contain venom have the highest concentration of venom that ever exists in any snake. Only a few milligrams of it can kill thousands of humans. So, it is the most poisonous snakes in the world.


These snakes can be found in America. A rattle is found at the end of the tail that creates noise. Bites from rattlesnakes can kill people if left untreated. The venom can also result in permanent damage to the organs and even result in loss of a limb.

Death Adder

These snakes are found in Australia and New Guinea. If it bites you, it will result in respiratory arrest, paralysis, and death within only six hours. If treated immediately then it is possible to save the victim. These snakes prey on other snakes too.

Inland Taipan

It is a very poisonous snake. It can kill about 100 people. The good news is that they avoid a human encounter. So, you may never see one yourself.

Eastern Brown Snake

These snakes are aggressive. They are found in Australia. It will chase a person out of its territory if it finds the person threatening. It may bite for its safety, and once it does, it bites many times. Not all of these snakes contain venom. A bite from these snakes can cause paralysis or even death.

It’s fascinating to learn about snakes. But you should stay away from them as they are very dangerous. In case you get bitten by them, you should immediately call for help.